If you’re a set-your-sights-sky-high, never-gonna-settle, what’s-around-the-next-bend kind of person,
then you’ve come to the right place!


Whether you’re about to graduate secondary school or you’re considering a total career change after 20 years, choosing an apprenticeship or a traineeship lets you learn the skills top employers need while making money at the same time. 

Whichever you choose, you’ll divide your time between formal training and practical on-the-job experience, all while earning a nationally recognised qualification in a field that Australia needs workers in today and the future. 

Businesses with apprenticeship and traineeship programs report higher levels of workforce productivity, innovation and employee retention, and graduates report superior employment options upon program completion.

Almost all of the 70+ professions currently on the government’s National Skills Needs List, which assesses occupational skills shortages nationwide, are accessible through vocational training, apprenticeship or traineeship programs.


Apprenticeships and traineeships are a fantastic way to kick start your career in an industry you are passionate about. 


Earn While You Learn

A hands-on opportunity to work towards a nationally-recognised qualification while getting paid. That means no student debt. 


A Plan for Your Future

Graduate with a clearly defined career path, and practical employment history and experience that makes you stand out in the marketplace.


Financially Rewarding

Apprentice and Trainee graduates now achieve an average salary of $70k and can expect career earnings $300k more than non-apprenticed/trained workers

With WPC Group, you will have access to one of our many industry leading mentors from day one who will guide and support you on your journey. 

Did you know that 87.7% of apprentices and trainees remain employed upon completing their qualification?

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As an equal opportunity employer, WPC Group values diversity in the workplace and actively recruits and supports  people from a diverse range of backgrounds to gain a meaningful career through an apprenticeship or traineeship.


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